Prof Vladimir Terzija

My main research interests are application of intelligent methods to power system monitoring, control, and protection, as well as power system plant, particularly switchgears.

Power engineering, Power system, Energy supply, Electric and electronics, Information technology, Smart grids, Energy networks, Energy planning


Mr Peter Green

My work is concerned with the design, implementation and evaluation of wireless and network communication systems. Most recently I have focused on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) for the process and agri-science sectors, and the emerging communication technologies to support Smart Grids and Future Networks for the power industry.

Evaluation, Technology, Infrastructure, Information technology, Networks, Instrumentation, Smart grids, Energy networks, Energy planning, Energy industry


Dr Pierluigi Mancarella

Research interests:

- Modelling and analysis of smart multi-energy systems (electricity/heat/cooling/gas/transport) and distributed multi-generation (cogeneration, trigeneration);

- Impact of electro-thermal technologies (cogeneration, heat pumps, storage) on distribution networks;

- System level analysis of the electricity, heat and transport sectors;

- System integration of distributed energy resources and sustainable development of energy systems;

- Economics of future networks, energy markets, and business cases for new technologies;

Energy planning, Energy networks, Networks, Power system, Smart grids, Electric and electronics, Thermal energy, Technology, Cogeneration, Energy supply, Energy, Energy capture, Storage, Transport, Sustainability, Renewable energy, Risk, Evaluation, Teaching, Education, Solar energy, Photon science


Dr Luis Ochoa

Within the 'big area' of Flexible Low-Carbon Distribution Networks (medium and low voltage) the following are my main research interests:

- Integration of Distributed Low-Carbon Technologies (wind, photovoltaics, electric vehicles, storage, demand side management)

- Active Network Management (Smart Grids)

- Optimisation of Distribution Networks (operation and planning)

- Future Distribution Network Management Systems

- Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) Hardware-in-the-Loop Studies

Smart grids, Energy networks, Energy, Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Carbon, Energy planning, Technology, Emissions, Wind energy, Renewable energy, Solar energy, Electric and electronics, Photon science, Electric vehicles, Green travel


Dr John Moriarty

The current focus of our group is the application of probability theory at the interface between mathematical finance and power systems engineering. From 2013 to 2017 I have an EPSRC Early Career Research Fellowship titled Optimal prediction in local electricity markets focusing on the pricing and hedging of risk in electricity demand, for better balancing of future power systems.

Mathematics, Applied research, Energy planning, Risk, Power system, Electric and electronics, Energy supply, Economy, Sustainability, Energy networks, Networks


Mr Brent Wills

Brent is responsible for property management and standards, building surveying, electrical and mechanical engineering; energy management; asbestos management, space management; fire safety and for the management of all estates issues within the central administration.

Buildings, Management, Standards, Evaluation, Electric and electronics, Engineering, Energy, Energy planning, Energy supply, Storage, Fire, Health and safety