Bioenergy value chains

Most energy system studies of the UK indicate a strong role for bioenergy in the coming decades, especially if the UK is to meet its climate change mitigation ambitions. However, there is a need to understand how bioenergy systems can be implemented without negative sustainability-related impacts.


Dr Grant Campbell

“Grain is the only resource in the world that is even more central to modern civilisation than oil.” Dan Morgan (1979) 

“No man qualifies as a statesman who is entirely ignorant of the problems of wheat.” Socrates

Grant Campbell is a member of the Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering and the Centre for Process Integration, in the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science.  Working across these two centres, he undertakes research on food and non-food aspects of cereals. 

Food, Food supply, food and eating, Education for Sustainable Development



From field to fork, its production, distribution and consumption impacts the daily lives of people all over the world.

As populations continue to grow and our climate continues to change, food and delivering food security become issues increasingly worthy of deeper investigation.

Food, food and eating, Food supply, sustainable food consumption