Dr Rodger Edwards

Research interests:

- Energy conservation

- Ventilation and Air Movement

- Condensation

- Building performance

- Zero emissions buildings

Academic Programme Development Officer for Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Good contact re: integration of sustainability into teaching and also practical built environment issues.

Energy efficiency, Energy, Sustainability, Ventilation, Buildings, Water, Weather, Design, Standards, Green infrastructure, Emissions, Teaching, Education


Prof Geoff Levermore

Research interests: Weather data: for design of buildings, plant and natural ventilation, climate change; Control and modelling: intelligent buildings, low-energy buildings, natural and mixed mode air conditioning; Occupant feedback: related to the interior environment with Overall Liking Score and fingerprint; Lighting perception: related to coloured light sources and daylight in buildings.

Buildings, Cities, Environment, Weather, Evaluation, Climate, Design, Climate change, Carbon, Ventilation, Technology, Energy efficiency, Green infrastructure, Lighting


Dr Gregory Lane-Serff

Research interests: buildings: natural ventilation of buildings; Oceanography: straits, overflows, turbidity currents, hydrothermal plumes, marine outfalls; Paleoceanography: response of ocean flows to changes in sea-level and climate; Basic fluid dynamics: gravity currents, plumes, sediment, hydraulic control, rotation; Methods: laboratory and mathematical modelling, field observations and numerical models.

Buildings, Cities, Environment, Coasts, Climate change, Climate, Ventilation, Fluid dynamics, Water, Sustainability, Teaching, Education