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The goal of the Manchester Cycling Lab was to turn Manchester into a real-life laboratory for the study of cycling. This involved working in collaboration with Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and local businesses to identify the gaps in knowledge that need to be filled in order to facilitate the Better By Cycle programme and transform Manchester into a cycling city. Understanding user and stakeholder needs has been central to this approach in order to develop a complementary programme of applied research projects that support a cycling transition while harnessing the knowledge and capacity of the University.

The project has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account.

The research has been taken forward within various projects in Greater Manchester. Please find latest updates and opportunities for enagement via Twitter (@McrCyclingLab) and contact Gabriele Schliwa (gabriele.schliwa@manchester.ac.uk) in case of any questions. 


Working paper "Mobilising Berlin’s Cycling Renaissance" online

11th November, 2014

The University Living Lab working paper Policy Learning and Sustainable Urban Transitions: Mobilising Berlin’s Cycling Renaissance by Alistair Sheldrick, James Evans and Gabriele Schliwa is now available in our research section: http://universitylivinglab.org/manchestercyclinglab/research

Please cite as: Sheldrick, A, Evans, J. and Schliwa, G. (2014) Policy Learning and Sustainable Urban Transitions: Mobilising Berlin’s Cycling Renaissance. University Living Lab Working Paper, University of Manchester.



Master dissertations on Customer Travel in Rusholme and Berlin's Cycling Renaissance online now

9th September, 2014

Sara Aziz and Alistair Sheldrick successfully submitted their MSc dissertations in Geographical Science, the full versions are available under "Research". 


Pothole Party for road hazard reporting

27th June, 2014

The Manchester Cycling Lab and Love Your Bike invite people to a Pothole Party to celebrate the end of a fantastic BikeMonthMCR and to encourage people to help make cycling a little more comfortable by reporting potholes and other road hazards to Manchester City Council.

More information on the event.

Update (9th July 2014):  



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