Are Low Emission Zones the route to cleaner air? | MCC

With an increasing number of deaths linked to air pollution, introducing Low Emission Zones (LEZ) offers a potential solution to reducing emissions. This report reviews the LEZ tool for MCC.

A report to address accessibility to cycling | MCC

A report to address accessibility to cycling in Manchester - a student perspective

Cycle logistics in GM | GMCA

‘Petal to the metal’: Exploring the use of bikes as a method of delivery for Greater Manchester’s florists

Feasibility of electric freight | GMCA

The feasibility of electric freight vehicle adoption in Greater Manchester

Public awareness of climate change | GMCA

A challenge presented by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority: Public awareness of climate change in Tameside

Introducing Congestion Charging in Manchester | GMCA

Introducing Congestion Charging in Manchester. Lessons Learnt from London and Stockholm.

Economic benefits of fuel poverty | GMCA

How can alleviating fuel poverty, across all tenures (rental / owner occupied etc), in Greater Manchester, improve the economy of Greater Manchester?

Community Renewable Energy Projects | GMCA

Community Renewable Energy Projects: A Recommendation for the GMCA. Understanding the Energy Policy Context

Building Retrofit Best Practice | GMCA

This report examines the forms of retrofit within thermal insulation and how they can be applicable to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA). Three case study cities are examined; Baltimore in the United States, Glasgow and Newcastle, both of which are in the United Kingdom. Each scheme of retrofit is analysed for the positive and negative elements of the project and how it can be applicable for the GMCA.

Air freight | GMCA

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) have commissioned this report to
examine the challenges that changes in the air freight industry may pose to the Greater
Manchester region. Manchester Airport is the fourth largest operator of air freight in the UK
by tonnage, but with increasing growth in air traffic movements and economic expansion of
the North of England, volumes are expected to increase.