Community engagement as design strategy for bottom-up Smart Cities | FutureEverything

Community engagement as design strategy for bottom-up Smart Cities - Bottom-up approaches to Smart Cities are becoming more widely used as efficient and sustainable ways of governing cities. We argue that although there are many interlinked challenges involved in this process.

Parking reduction strategy in Manchester | Friends of the Earth

Parking reduction strategy recommendations for Manchester city centre

On-Street Parking Study of Manchester | Friends of the Earth

A Comparative On-Street Parking Study of Manchester City Centre

Economic Benefits of Cycling | Friends of the Earth

An Assessment of the Economic Benefits of Cycling

This research project aims to critically evaluate the best thinking around the economic benefits of cycling in cities, with a particular focus around health cost savings. Whilst reviewing an array of bicycle accounting techniques, the primary approach considered is WHO’s Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT), explored through two city case studies which have
previously implemented the tool; namely Glasgow and Dublin.

Sustainable Urbanisation in China | e-Forum

This report was commissioned to provide an analysis and evaluation of three different
examples of sustainable transportation in response to rapid urbanisation across China.
Methods of analysis include reviewing of academic and grey literatures and exploration
of successes and pitfalls of existing and previous projects.

China’s urban transport sector | e-Forum

Sustainability of China’s urban transport sector: a comparative case study analysis of Guiyang and Beijing

Smart City Initiatives in China | e-Forum

Cities of Tomorrow: An Assessment of Smart City Initiatives in China.

Developing guidelines for implementing urban living labs | CURE

This report focuses on ULL projects in Europe funded by the Joint Programme Initiative (JPI) Europe in order to review and analyse their obstacles, and achievements in urban sustainability, to produce broad guidelines for future ULLs.

Indian smart cities | CURE

Indian Smart Cities - a thematic approach exploring its success

Wayfinding on the Corridor | Corridor Manchester

Assessing Wayfinding and Pedestrian Routes Through the Corridor: A Healthcare Perspective