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Biorefinery Engineering

Industrial production of chemicals and fuels from sustainable feedstocks requires cost-competitive strategies for processing bio-based raw material.

Research group



Prof Ferda Mavituna

Environment, Health, Management, Sustainability, Development, Globalisation, Biotechnology, Biology, Technology, Teaching, Education


Dr Alastair Martin

Alastair teaches subjects relating to the environment and sustainable technology to both undergraduate and postgraduate students including water and waste water treatment technology and waste management and valorisation. 

His research covers a range of subjects within process engineering relevant to the management of environmental impact including non-Newtonian rheology of suspensions, modelling of bio-reactors and reactor networks.

Environment, Sustainability, Technology, Instrumentation, Water, Waste management, Teaching, Education


Dr James Winterburn

My main research interest lies in the exploration of more efficient manufacturing methods for bio-based products, looking to industrial biotechnology to meet this aim. I am particularly interested in identifying ways to add value to existing bioprocesses through valorisation of by-products and waste streams. To date this research has centred on biosurfactants, surfactant molecules of microbial origin which are potentially more sustainable to source, manufacture, use and dispose of than petrochemical surfactants.

Biosurfactant, Biology, Biotechnology, Production, Biomaterial, Polymers, Plants, Fermentation


Prof Colin Webb

Since establishing the Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering in 1994, Professor Webb's research activities have largely been directed towards the application of process engineering concepts to grain processing systems. Much of this work is being undertaken to investigate the possible future role of cereals and other solid biomass as raw materials for industrial chemicals.

Bioenergy, Biomass, Renewable energy, Chemistry, Engineering, Sustainability, Food, Chemicals, Production, Teaching, Education