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We seek to lead on public engagement in all forms, providing expertise in public discourse and policy development, listening to the wider community, and involving the public in our work.

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Ms Suzanne Spicer

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Social responsibility, Workplace engagement, Sustainability enthusiast, Engagement


Dr Louise Natrajan

My research interests lie in the area of coordination chemistry and spectroscopy of the f-elements. Current research in the group centres on the development of an understanding of the chemistry and electronic properties of the actinide ions in unusual oxidation states.

Chemicals, Metals, Materials, Spectroscopy, Evaluation, Monitoring


Dr Amanda Bamford

Amanda completed a BSc (Hons.) Applied Biology at Bath University and then went to University of Lancaster for her PhD studies. Her PhD at the University of Lancaster, in association with Letcombe Laboratory, Oxford, was funded by N.E.R.C. and titled: Fluxes of carbon and nitrogen in barley exposed to atmospheric nitrogen dioxide.

Pollution, Climate, Cities, Climate change, Emissions, External engagement, Community, Engagement, Children, Education, Environment, Biology, Plants, Management, Sustainability, Teaching


Dr Andrew Speak

Green roofs and air pollution.

Urban vegetation is increasingly being recognised as an adaptation method for cities prone to the predicted effects of climate change such as increased temperatures, increased air pollution and a higher incidence of high precipitation events. Space is at a premium in cities, however, so an ideal place to implement urban greening programmes is on rooftops, which can constitute up to 35% of the urban area.

Green roofs, Buildings, Environment, Climate change, Impact, Resilience, Climate, Cities, Planning, Biodiversity, Trees, Pollution


Dr Antonio Filippone

Dr. Filippone has been at the University of Manchester since 2000. Before coming to Manchester, he was at the Technical University of Denmark and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr Filippone's expertise is on modelling and simulation of fluid flows, software engineering and integration, numerical optimisation, stochastic methods, data analysis.

Wind energy, Renewable energy, Aerodynamics, Automotives, Transport, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Universities, Sustainability, Teaching, Education