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Manchester Enterprise Centre

Based within Manchester Business School, we are recognised as a leader in enterprise education and aim to inspire, educate and develop enterprising individuals and enable them to positively impact the growth of dynamic organisations.

Enterprise is a key part of the University’s vision to be, ‘an innovative institution that values and encourages the transfer of knowledge and technology to influence and advance economic development regionally, nationally and internationally.’

The University of Manchester is one of the UK’s leading research institutions with a history of pioneering scientific and engineering breakthroughs – from the splitting of the atom and the world’s first computer, to the recent discovery of the ‘super-material’ Graphene.

Through enterprise teaching, learning and business start-up support, our students can capitalise on these research outcomes - transferring knowledge from the classrooms and laboratories to market opportunities. Enterprise at Manchester can be the driving force to improve the world in which we live – we have the knowledge and we need to apply it for economic and social gain.

Enterprise is vital in the current the economic climate and is a driver of growth through the setting up of successful new ventures and development of existing organisations. There is growing demand for graduates who can solve problems, innovate, see opportunity, manage risk and apply their subject knowledge and skills.

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Mrs Helen Dobson

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Education, Environment, Teaching, Sustainability, Development, Interdisciplinary, Applied research, Universities, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Education for Sustainable Development


Dr Martin Henery

Martin joined Manchester Enterprise Centre as an Enterprise Fellow in 2002 before taking up the post of Enterprise Academic in 2004.

He worked for a number of years as a research assistant at UMIST developing a range of technologies. One of these became a new company where Martin developed medical instrumentation for the US market.

His interests are technology and knowledge transfer, and creating new opportunities and ventures. Martin's skills are product development, creativity and problem-solving.

Innovation, Business, Economy, Management, Policy, Technology, Knowledge exchange, Engagement, Production, Development, Arts, Applied research, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Fumi Kitagawa

I joined Manchester Business School in February 2011. I am a member of Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR). My areas of research interest include: innovation policy, academic entrepreneurship, university-industry relationships, regional innovation systems, and industry engagement in research training.

Innovation, Policy, Economy, Business engagement, Knowledge exchange, Universities, Applied research, Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Education for Sustainable Development


Mr Michael Traut

Following completion of my PhD at Tyndall Manchester (supervisors: Alice Bows-Larkin and Ruth Wood), I am now an EPSRC Doctoral Prize fellow in the same group. My research focusses on shipping and climate change, and monitoring and quantifying emissions, and on mitigation technologies in the shipping sector. I am associated with the EPSRC-funded consortium proejct Shipping in Changing Climates (SCC) as well as the project Fleet Suite.

Energy, Emissions, Carbon, Planning, Aerospace, Propulsion, Transport