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Manchester Museum

Environmental sustainability is a major element of all aspects of the Museum’s work. As a museum with large collections of preserved natural specimens and objects from human cultures, our Mission is:

As a university museum, the Manchester Museum uses its international collection of human and natural history for enjoyment and inspiration, working with people from all backgrounds to provoke debate and reflection about the past, present and future of the earth and its inhabitants.

We aim to engage people with some of the major issues of our time, and all of our programming is around two main themes:

1. Promoting understanding between cultures
One of our major challenges is that ignorance and misunderstanding can lead to intolerance and conflict. We will work to increase mutual
understanding between cultures today, by placing them in a rounded context, and we will promote understanding of cultures of the past
by showing their richness and influence.

2. Developing a sustainable world
Through the collections of both natural and human-made objects, the Museum can engage people in some of the major issues facing us in terms
climate change and habitat loss.

To find out more about our activity, visit Green Pledge Pinterest.