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Materials Performance Centre

Materials performance is fundamental to the nuclear industry in clean up and decommissioning, plant operation and life extension, as well as potential new build. The Materials Performance Centre (MPC) is the largest nuclear materials research centre in UK academia, with over 70 researchers and over £30 million research income. The MPC is a National Centre of Excellence in nuclear materials research and training.




Dr Dirk Engelberg

Dr Engelberg’s research group focuses on the development of multi-scale assessment approaches for the prediction, simulation and mitigation of environment-assisted degradation of stainless alloys in nuclear plant, radwaste and oil & gas environment. Dr. Engelberg has broad expertise in metallurgy, microstructure and grain boundary engineering, electrochemistry, and the application of in-situ characterisation techniques, including x-ray computed tomography, image analysis, and 2D/3D image and volume correlation.  

Surface finishing, Materials, Nuclear waste, Radioactivity, Waste management, Metals, Corrosion, Energy, Thermal energy


Prof Andrew Sherry

Professor Sherry’s main research interests are in the manufacturing and performance of structural components and fuel materials in nuclear plant with a particular focus on the mechanistic understanding and predictive modelling of fatigue and fracture of structural materials and welds.

Nuclear energy, Energy, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Universities, Business engagement, Business, Engagement, Manufacturing, Materials