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Nuclear Graphite

Nuclear Graphite Research is based in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester and is an integral part of the cross-school Materials Performance Centre. The Group was formed with the aim of building up a strong research activity at the University of Manchester on nuclear graphite technology so as to develop expertise that can be used to provide independent advice and research to both national and international nuclear organizations and companies.




Dr Abbie Jones

Dr Abbie Jones is a lecturer in Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning. Dr. Jones joined the University of Manchester in 2006, as a Post Doctoral Research Associate on the EPSRC Keeping the Nuclear Options Open consortium researching nuclear graphite behaviour. Her research specialises in decommissioning and treatment of irradiated nuclear graphite waste in order to understand irradiation damage processes to nuclear graphite and to validate new treatment methods for irradiated nuclear graphite post-closure.

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