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Organic Materials Innovation Centre

The Organic Materials Innovation Centre (OMIC) was one of five University Innovation Centres established by the UK government in late 2002. It received initial funding of £4.3m over five years from the Department of Trade and Industry.

OMIC helps companies innovate and grow through access to leading edge science in organic materials. These materials include bulk, specialty and engineering polymers, oligomers, surfactants, lubricating oils and active ingredients for use in applications as diverse as coatings, electronics, biomaterials, packaging, home and personal care.

Today, OMIC forms one of the core players in the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC), which draws on scientific and technical expertise from across the region to provide support for industry.

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Dr Peter Quayle

Varied lines of research have been investigated whilst at Manchester including the use of transition metal carbene complexes and organostannanes in synthesis, the synthesis of hydrophilic polymers, and the development of "clean oxidation" processes using hydrogen peroxide. Recent interests include the development of more efficient catalysts for atom transfer reactions and their use in natural product synthesis.

Materials, Metals, Chemistry, Research methods, Polymers, Biology, Environment, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Michael Turner

My principal research interests concern the synthesis of novel conjugated molecules, particularly conjugated liquid crystals and conjugated polymers, and in using these novel molecules in organics electronic and electrooptical devices such as organic transistors, organic light emitting diodes, sensors and solar cells.

Materials, Engineering, Monitoring, Solar energy, Energy storage, Renewable energy, Chemistry


Prof Peter Budd

We carry out fundamental research on polymers and their interactions with small molecules. We are developing novel materials and energy-efficient processes for molecular separations and transformations.

Polymers, Materials, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Energy efficiency, Sustainability, Energy, Renewable energy, Energy supply, Climate change, Climate, Emissions, Carbon, Management, Energy storage, Fuel cells, Hydrogen, Graphene, Technology, Teaching, Education


Prof Ian Kinloch

My research focuses on polymeric and carbon (graphene and nanotubes  and related nanomaterials. The research takes the science from the controlled growth of the nanomaterials through to their processing and applications. My research on applications is on polymer-nanocarbon composites, electrodes and the bio-nano interface.

Graphene, Carbon, Technology, Energy storage, Energy, Materials, Nanoscience, Polymers, Electric and electronics, Electrochemistry