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School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

The School of Arts, Languages and Cultures is internationally recognised in the fields of human cultures, beliefs, institutions and languages. Our ambition is to position the Arts at the core of the University’s mission and at the forefront of its international reputation. Attracting the best research and teaching talent, we aim to set the agenda both in terms of our research and the educational environment we offer. Our objective is to give students the highest quality educational experience, where they are taught and guided by inspiring academics and highly sought after by employers.

We aim to promote the social value of the arts and humanities and, in doing so, to contribute to the University's Goal three Social Responsibility Agenda as outlined in Manchester 2020: The Strategic Plan for The University of Manchester.

To that end the School develops collaborative partnerships, fosters public engagement, contributes to widening participation, and develops teaching, research and knowledge exchange links in and beyond Manchester. The School aims to embed social responsibility in its research and learning by means of such activities as finding solutions to global challenges, environmental sustainability, ethics and integrity, public and community engagemeent, and equality and diversity.

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