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University College for Interdisciplinary Learning

The University College for Interdisciplinary Learning presents an opportunity for students at The University of Manchester to broaden their educational horizons. It will offer course units that showcase the breadth and depth of research and knowledge found at the University and encourage students to go beyond the boundaries of their degree programme.

Drawing upon the best teaching talent across the institution and employing innovative teaching, learning and assessment models, the University College will provide students with a learning experience that will ensure students are skilled to challenge conventional thinking and able to offer perspectives that make the Manchester graduate more employable. Furthermore, the University College will connect teaching to current, cutting-edge thinking and research, allowing students to locate their disciplinary knowledge in the wider world and helping to make a Manchester education of benefit in any future endeavour.




Prof Kevin Ward

My research is motivated by a desire to explain and remove urban cultural, economic and social injustices, and centres around the following concerns:

- Urban policy and politics

- Neo-liberal urbanism

- Policy mobilties and mutations

- Comparative urbanism

- Financial models and infrastructure

- Multi-site methodologies

- Geographies of work and employment

Cities, Policy, Politics, Political economy, Geography, Finance, Infrastructure, Information technology, Research methods, Fieldwork, Employment, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Josephine Mylan

Jo's research interests lie in understanding how society can transition to more environmentally sustainable ways of consuming resources. This will require changes in the way we provision goods, including the technologies, economic and social arrangements, and cultural conventions which shape processes of production, distribution and consumption.

Innovation, Management, Policy, Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Consumption, Social responsibility, Political economy


Dr Richard Fay

Richard was named The University of Manchester Teacher of the Year 2013

Research interests:

- Intercultural communication / intercultural education (including cultural awarenesss development through world music studies)

- Intercultural aspects of language education (e.g. TESOL) and distance learning / elearning

- Appropriate methodology (of language education, language teacher education, and distance education)

Citizenship, Development, Culture, Communication, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Ms Colette Cooke

Volunteering, Engagement, Employment, Employability, Universities, Environment, Sustainability, Climate, Teaching, Education


Dr Richard Kingston

I am Undergraduate Director of Studies in Planning and Environmental Management. I have been a lecturer in GIS and Urban Planning since September 2003. I am also the Deputy Director CUPS.

Communication, Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Planning, Information technology, Governance, Smart cities, Knowledge exchange, Cities, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Andrew McMeekin

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Innovation, Business, Economy, Bioenergy, Renewable energy, Environment, Sustainability, Climate, Production, Knowledge exchange Genetics, Biology, Biotechnology, Technology, Information technology, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Teaching, Education, Behaviour, Psychology


Ms Susan Brown

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

I teach on a range of different course units both at UG and PostGrad level. These relate to use of multimedia tools in education, blended learning (with different technologies) in education, digital literacies, global citizenship and sustainable development. I teach across faculties. 

Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Ms Jane Ratchford

Responsible for overseeing Manchester Leadership Programme, which helps place current students on sustainability-orientated projects across the city of Manchester.

Employment, Employability, Universities, Leadership, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Graham Haughton

My research uses political economy perspectives to explore various aspects of urban and regional policy.This has covered work on sustainable urban development, urban regeneration, regional development, water conflicts and labour market governance.

My current writing is focused on two key themes. First, a critical examination of neoliberal spatial governance, in particular theEnglish 'spatial planning project'. Second, I am exploring the political economy of flood risk management, with particular reference to the floods in Hull and the East Riding in 2007.

Cities, Environment, Climate, Planning, Governance, Political economy, Politics, Economy, Sustainability, Development, Regeneration, Buildings, Risk, Water, Management, Policy, Teaching, Education, Cycling