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Dr Anil Day

Senior Lecturer
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Green Biotechnology

Green biotechnology; plant biotechnology; biofuels; ethical issues such as impact on the environment


Environment and Ecology

The Faculty of Life Science's Environment and Ecology research theme (Directed by Prof Richard Preziosi) focuses on applied research that addresses 21st century environmental challenges.

The food we eat, the water we drink, and the fuel that powers our industries are all dwindling resources that we harvest from the world around us. As our populations expand and natural areas are converted to farmland and cities, we lose the services that nature provided for free.

Environment, Ecology, Biology, Biodiversity


Gene Regulation and Cellular Biotechnology

The regulated expression of genes is central to all forms of life. Our research group brings together researchers who study (1) processes central to the expression of genes (transcription, splicing and translation) and the regulatory mechanisms that control these events (modifications, interactions and localisation and (2) the impact of environmental cues and stresses on cellular functions.

Biotechnology, Bioenergy, Biology


Plant Sciences

Plants form the basis of life on Earth...

They are essential to us as food and their domestication was a primary driving factor in the birth of civilisation. Now, with the rising world population and climate change increasing the frequency of crop failures, food supply is becoming a key issue throughout the world. At the same time, plants are playing a growing role in meeting our energy needs and have enormous potential as sources of novel compounds.

Plants, Plant science, Biology, Climate change