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Prof Hugh Coe


The main focus of Hugh's research is on improving the knowledge of the physics and chemistry of atmospheric aerosols. Aerosol particles play key roles in climate change, through reflecting and absorbing solar and infra-red radiation and by acting as sites for the formation of cloud droplets; in air pollution, being linked closely with impacts on human health; and on the transport of pollutants and nutrients on regional or even global scales. Hugh's current research interests include: biomass burning and dust aerosols; the long range transport of pollution aerosol; aerosol-cloud interactions; organic aerosol; transformation and transport of aerosols on urban to regional scales. 

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Environmental Challenges

Examines the positive and negative impacts of globally important industry sectors over time as successive technological innovations impact on the natural environment and human society.


Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Resources; nuclear; applied geology; global energy trends; solar energy; environmental impacts of mining; economic viability of renewables


UMARI Environment Theme

By its nature, environmental research brings together disciplines to synthesise knowledge and understanding to address the key issues of the day.


The University of Manchester Aerospace Research Institute

The mission of our Institute is to gain full benefit from the University’s diverse research capability and to be internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in aerospace research and innovation.  The Institute nurtures a broad-based research portfolio and at the same time is seeking to establish a number of major research initiatives that add value to the existing research base in the University.

Aerodynamics, Aerospace, Car and vehicle aerodynamics, Aero



A network to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in water-related research across The University of Manchester and with external research, government and industry organisations.

Water, Climate change, Resources


Centre for Atmospheric Science

The Centre for Atmospheric Science studies processes important to climate change and air quality in the troposphere and lower stratosphere – the lowest 20 km of the Earth’s atmosphere. We are one of the largest such groups in UK universities, and have extensive collaborative links with leading atmospheric sciences groups world-wide.

Atmospheric measurements, Atmospheric pollution, Atmospheric chemistry, Climate change