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Dr Louise Natrajan


My research interests lie in the area of coordination chemistry and spectroscopy of the f-elements. Current research in the group centres on the development of an understanding of the chemistry and electronic properties of the actinide ions in unusual oxidation states.

We are particularly interested in developing and using time resolved luminescence spectroscopy of the actinides in combination with NMR spectroscopy as a tool with which to understand solution structure, speciation and disproportionation mechanisms in complexes where the metal ion is in an unusual or less common oxidation state, such as uranyl(V).

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Oxidation States in the Early Actinides

This project concentrates on the chemistry of the radioactive actinide ions used in the nuclear fuel industry, ways to identify and 'clean up' toxic wastes from the environment and methods to eliminate the need for storing high level wastes in the future


Centre for Radiochemistry Research

The Centre for Radiochemistry Research (CRR) was established in 1999 in a partnership with BNFL. It is unique in the UK, forming a national focus for radiochemistry research, and we are primarily interested in the chemistry of the radioactive elements, particularly Tc and the transuranic elements. Our research activities link closely to many aspects of the nuclear industry, from process chemistry to decommissioning, waste management and environmental impact.

Radioactivity, Environment, Nuclear energy, Nuclear waste



We seek to lead on public engagement in all forms, providing expertise in public discourse and policy development, listening to the wider community, and involving the public in our work.

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Dalton Nuclear Institute

Nuclear energy, Nuclear waste, Energy, Nuclear Engineering Decommissioning