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Prof Stephen Bottoms

Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance

I have a wide-ranging set of research interests, covering many aspects of contemporary theatre and performance. I am also increasingly concerned with exploring inter-disciplinary research initiatives, and believe that theatre/performance studies has much to offer in such two-way dialogues.

Performance and Environment. My recent research has been largely concerned with practice-based explorations arouund environmental and ecological questions. After developing some theoretical work around ecology in the book Small Acts of Repair, I led an AHRC research network, 'Reflecting on Environmental Change through Site-based Performance' (2010-11: see performance footprint blog and the On Ecology edition of Performance Research). This led to a twin-site project exploring community awareness of rivers and flood risk (Multi-Story Water, 2012-13), in collaboration with the Environment Agency. A major new AHRC consortium project, 'Towards Hydro-Citizenship' (2014-17) builds directly on our findings. Other 'environmental' work looks, conversely, at confined, man-made spaces such as corridors and prisons: see, for example, my forthcoming re-examination of the notorious Stanford Prison Experiment.

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Reflecting on Environmental Change

The aim of this network was to examine the potential of site-based performance as a means of investigating and representing the dynamics of environmental change.