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Campus Biofuel Project

University of Manchester Campus Biofuel Project

Taking waste oil from on campus and have mini scale processor to transform it into biodiesel. Possibility of using the biodiesel in some of the Estates vehicles.


Project date: 
Friday, March 1, 2013



Dr James Winterburn

My main research interest lies in the exploration of more efficient manufacturing methods for bio-based products, looking to industrial biotechnology to meet this aim. I am particularly interested in identifying ways to add value to existing bioprocesses through valorisation of by-products and waste streams. To date this research has centred on biosurfactants, surfactant molecules of microbial origin which are potentially more sustainable to source, manufacture, use and dispose of than petrochemical surfactants.

Biosurfactant, Biology, Biotechnology, Production, Biomaterial, Polymers, Plants, Fermentation