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Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns

A network of leading pan-European organisations involved in integrating climate change adaptation into regional planning and development.

Project date: 
Monday, September 1, 2008 to Monday, August 1, 2011



Dr Richard Kingston

I am Undergraduate Director of Studies in Planning and Environmental Management. I have been a lecturer in GIS and Urban Planning since September 2003. I am also the Deputy Director CUPS.

Communication, Geographical Information Systems, Geography, Planning, Information technology, Governance, Smart cities, Knowledge exchange, Cities, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Dr Jeremy Carter

Jeremy's research focuses on environmental planning and management. Specific interests include climate change adaptation, spatial planning, water resource management (including flood risk management and the Water Framework Directive) and scenario planning. He has led research projects and published peer reviewed academic papers across these fields.

Environment, Planning, Management, Climate, Climate change, Resilience, Governance, Water, Resources, Risk, Standards, Sustainability, External engagement, Community, Engagement


Dr Sarah Lindley

I am a quantitative geographer specialising in the use of geospatial analysis to understand the outcomes of human-environment interactions. My main research interests are associated with urban air pollution and climate adaptation. Much of my research activity is motivated by the need to develop sustainable responses to current and future environmental challenges. I therefore often work in multi-disciplinary teams and in collaboration with stakeholders.

Climate, Climate change, Carbon, Sustainability, Green infrastructure, Cities, Resilience, Urban heat island, Pollution


Prof John Handley

John Handley's current research interests are focused on landscape dynamics and the management of change, ecologically informed and participative approaches to resource management and the development of adaptation strategies for climate change impacts.

Environment, Climate, Geology, Resources, Engagement, Development, Climate change, Resilience, Impact, Urban heat island, Cities


Prof Simon Guy

- Member of the University's Sustainability Steering Group

My research aims to critically understanding the co-evolution of design and development strategies and socio-economic processes shaping cities. This approach has involved the development and application of an innovative sociotechnical approach to researching architecture, urban development, technological innovation and urban change analysis and integration of previously disconnected research fields - architecture and urban planning, the property sector and utilities industry.


Cities, Development, Buildings, Technology, Innovation, Housing, Business, Energy, Water, Green infrastructure, Sustainability, Infrastructure, Networks