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Patterns of Water

Patterns of Water

Focuses on the results of a 1800 person survey across the south of England. It captures the water related practices of people in this region, and the links between these practices and social, cultural, technological and weather related factors.




Dr Alison Browne

Alison has a number of active and interdisciplinary research projects on everyday practice and sustainable consumption; dirt, cleanliness and freshness; and the governance of water resources, drought, and climate change adaptation. In previous research projects she explored the governance of large scale resource development (e.g., agriculture, NRM, water infrastructure, mining) using 'environmentality', 'risk' and 'mega-project paradox' frameworks. 

Water, Climate, Climate change, Resilience, Sustainability, Consumption, Social responsibility, Community, Resources, Development, Agriculture, Rural studies, Mining, Economy, Cities, Engagement, Psychology