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Sustainable Practices Research Group

SPRG comprises seven research projects and four Fellowships conducted across eight UK universities.

Project date: 
Thursday, July 1, 2010 to Friday, May 31, 2013



Prof Andrew McMeekin

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Innovation, Business, Economy, Bioenergy, Renewable energy, Environment, Sustainability, Climate, Production, Knowledge exchange Genetics, Biology, Biotechnology, Technology, Information technology, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Teaching, Education, Behaviour, Psychology


Prof Alan Warde

I am Professor of Sociology. My previous position was Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University. I am a past Chair of the Executive Committee of the British Sociological Association and was a member of the ESRC Research Grants Board 2007-10. I am a member of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 sub-panel for Sociology.

During academic years 2010-12 I hold the Jane and Aatos Erkko Visiting Research Professorship for Studies in Contemporary Society, at the University of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Finland.

Consumption, Society, Economy, Food, Networks, Engagement, Culture, Sustainability, Education, Teaching


Prof Dale Southerton

My broad interests concern theories and processes of social change and its implications for the ordering of daily life. This leads to more specialised interests in: Consumption and everyday life, Theories of practice, Climate change and sustainability, Time and the temporal ordering of daily life, Social relations and differentiation, Socio-technical systems and innovation processes, and Comparative analysis (over time and space).

Sustainability, Consumption, Social responsibility, Culture, Political economy, Economy, Politics, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Universities, Society, Engagement, Innovation


Dr Andrew Karvonen

University Living Lab Co-Principle Investigator with James Evans

I am a Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism in the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.

My research bridges the design disciplines and the social sciences with a particular focus on urban sustainability. I also have a decade of experience as an environmental and sustainability consultant and am a licensed engineer in the State of Washington.

Cities, Ecology, Politics, Sustainability, Development, Infrastructure, Planning, Technology, Technical assistance, Engagement, Design, Networks, Society, Research methods, History, Geography, Living Lab, Knowledge exchange