Various reports, projects and papers that are relevant to the University Living Lab can be found here, including some unpublished Masters research and working papers from the University Living Lab team.

Project Reports

Research Profile (PDF)

Living Labs Interim Report (PDF)

Living Labs Case Studies

iTrees (PDF)

RoundView (PDF)

Estates Workshop Outputs

The Living Labs Workshop on July 11th 2013 saw 50 academics and PSS staff convene to discuss opportunities for collaboration around sustainability and low carbon on campus. Below you’ll find some of the materials prepared for the workshop and some key outputs.

Workshop Summary (PDF)

Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Introductory Presentation (pptx. file)

Estates Offer – Diana Hampson (ppt. file)

Teaching on Campus – Babis Theodoulidis (ppt. file)

Research Opportunities – Ian Cotton (ppt. file)

Target Engagement documents around key themes identified by the Living Labs steering group:

Energy and Buildings (PDF file)

Landscape Design and Biodiversity (PDF file)

Engagement and Behaviour Change (PDF file)

Academic Context

This article (PDF) on urban laboratories and low carbon is in draft form. Please do not cite without permission (contact:

Evans, J., Karvonen, A. (2010). Living Laboratories for Sustainability: Exploring the Politics and Epistemology of Urban Transition. Chapter in H. Bulkeley, V. Castán Broto, M. Hodson, and S. Marvin (eds) Cities and Low Carbon Transitions, London: Routledge.

Evans, J. n.d. Learning to Retrofit in Living Laboratories (PDF)

Evans, J. 2011. Resilience, Ecology, and the Politics of the Experimental City (PDF). Draft – please do not cite without permission (contact: Final article can be accessed (log in access only) here.

Project team member Lucy Millard’s masters thesis on the how universities can better use their sustainability expertise can be found here (PDF).

Schliwa, Gabriele Irene. 2013 Exploring Living Labs through Transition Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Transitions

Evans, J. Karvonen, A. Energy Houses, Smart Grids and Lab Style Transitions (PDF). Draft – please do not cite without permission (contact:

Evans, J. Placing Low Carbon Transitions: Learning to Retrofit in Living Laboratories (.doc). Draft – please do not cite without permission (contact:

Evans, J. Karvonen, A. The Politics of Urban Experiments: Radical Change or Business as Usual? (.doc)


PowerPoint presentations on the topic of Living Labs from the last two years:

The Politics of the Resilient City

Spaces of Transition

Living Labs as Learning Landscapes

Learning to Retrofit in Living Laboratories

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