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Ecology and Ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystem; soil ecosystem; forest management; climate change

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Dr Jenny Rowntree

I am an evolutionary ecologist and am interested in the role and maintenance of biodiversity, both within and among species and the provision of ecosystem services. Around campus, I have an interest in urban ecology and conduct research on plant-pollinator interactions in urban environments and the assessment and importance of urban biodiversity.

Biodiversity, Urban ecology, Species interactions, ecosystem services, Applied research, Conservation, Engagement


Dr Keith White

I am interested in understanding and managing the water quality and ecology of urban watercourses, including preventing the formation of potentially harmful ‘blooms’ of blue-green algae. Work with an industrial partner is examining the relationship between past and present water quality and the changes in the ecology of Salford Quays – a restored and redeveloped dock system near Media City, Greater Manchester.

Metals, Water, Pollution, Waste, Mining, Ecology, Environment, Plants, Biology, Animals, Sustainability, Teaching, Education