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Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Resources; nuclear; applied geology; global energy trends; solar energy; environmental impacts of mining; economic viability of renewables

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Prof Katherine Morris

My current research focuses on the environmental behaviour of radioactive contaminants. Development of nuclear weapons and nuclear power has left a legacy of radioactively contaminated land and radioactive wastes that will be disposed of in a deep geological disposal facility. Understanding the behaviour of radioactive contaminants in these environments is essential in managing our radioactive legacy.

Nuclear waste, Radioactivity, Waste management, Environment, Nuclear energy, Energy, Geology, Biology, Chemistry


Prof Hugh Coe

The main focus of Hugh's research is on improving the knowledge of the physics and chemistry of atmospheric aerosols. Aerosol particles play key roles in climate change, through reflecting and absorbing solar and infra-red radiation and by acting as sites for the formation of cloud droplets; in air pollution, being linked closely with impacts on human health; and on the transport of pollutants and nutrients on regional or even global scales.

Aerosols, Climate, Particles, Climate change, Carbon, Pollution, Cities, Water, Weather, Technology, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Jonathan Redfern

My research interests cover a broad spectrum from applied clastic sedimentology (fluvial and glacial), petroleum system analysis , regional geology, and basin modeling.

Fossil fuels, Energy, Carbon, Emissions, Renewable energy, Sustainability, Development, Energy industry, Business, Geology, Glaciers, Environment, Water