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Environmental Challenges

Examines the positive and negative impacts of globally important industry sectors over time as successive technological innovations impact on the natural environment and human society.

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Other convenor: Jonathan Lloyd

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Prof Jonathan Lloyd

I currently lead a multidisciplinary geomicrobiology group working at the interface between biology and geology. Our research focuses on the mechanisms of microbial metal reduction, with emphasis on the environmental impact and biotechnological applications of metal-reducing bacteria. Current activities are supported by funds from NERC, BBSRC, EPSRC, the EU and industry.

Geology, Biology, Ecology, Metals, Materials, Nuclear waste, Radioactivity, Environment, Waste management, Bioremediation, Pollution, Chemistry, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Ann Webb

Atmospheric scientist. Set a new ballooning world record in 2009.

Photon science, Climate, Aerosols, Technology, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Richard Pattrick

Research interests: 

Pure and applied mineralogy, geochemistry and metallogenesis. This work has ranged from experimental investigations to field studies. The mineralogical investigations have focussed on the chalcogenides (esp. sulfides) and magnetic oxides, using experimental synthesis combined with spectroscopic analysis, including synchrotron XAS and diffractiontechniques.

Geology, Minerals, Metals, Sustainability, Teaching, Education


Prof Hugh Coe

The main focus of Hugh's research is on improving the knowledge of the physics and chemistry of atmospheric aerosols. Aerosol particles play key roles in climate change, through reflecting and absorbing solar and infra-red radiation and by acting as sites for the formation of cloud droplets; in air pollution, being linked closely with impacts on human health; and on the transport of pollutants and nutrients on regional or even global scales.

Aerosols, Climate, Particles, Climate change, Carbon, Pollution, Cities, Water, Weather, Technology, Interdisciplinary, Knowledge exchange, Engagement, Sustainability, Teaching, Education