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Innovation for a Sustainable Society

Achieving sustainability; food; transport; energy; combatting climate change; real world challenges; sociology; economics; management; innovation studies; cutting edge ideas and debates

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New for 2013/14; University College module; interdisciplinary

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Prof Andrew McMeekin

One of the University's growing number of Sustainability Enthusiasts. Find out more about the initiative here.

Innovation, Business, Economy, Bioenergy, Renewable energy, Environment, Sustainability, Climate, Production, Knowledge exchange Genetics, Biology, Biotechnology, Technology, Information technology, Sustainability enthusiast, Workplace engagement, Engagement, Teaching, Education, Behaviour, Psychology


Dr Josephine Mylan

Jo's research interests lie in understanding how society can transition to more environmentally sustainable ways of consuming resources. This will require changes in the way we provision goods, including the technologies, economic and social arrangements, and cultural conventions which shape processes of production, distribution and consumption.

Innovation, Management, Policy, Sustainability, Teaching, Education, Consumption, Social responsibility, Political economy


University College for Interdisciplinary Learning

The University College for Interdisciplinary Learning presents an opportunity for students at The University of Manchester to broaden their educational horizons. It will offer course units that showcase the breadth and depth of research and knowledge found at the University and encourage students to go beyond the boundaries of their degree programme.

Interdisciplinary, sustainability teaching, Education for Sustainable Development, Education