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Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action units aim to help you understand what it means to be a leader in the C21st. The units explore complex current problems and ask how does change happen? Who makes it happen? What does that tell us about leadership and how we do it?

Leadership in Action units provide you with the tools to critically evaluate models and approaches to leadership and to apply those to a range of C21st problems, such as poverty and inequality; environmental sustainability; ethics and responsibility. The units will also help you to develop a toolkit of transferable skills that will boost your employability.

You will hear from leaders who are influencing change in the world around you, including some of the university's leading academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Course code: 
UCOL20021 / UCOL20031 / UCOL20020

University College module; interdisciplinary

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Manchester Leadership Programme

The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) is unique to the University of Manchester and provides students with the opportunity to enhance their university experience, while giving something back to the wider community.

MLP students learn about the challenges facing society in the 21st century, and the leadership approaches needed to address them, both in theory and in real-world practice. The programme also helps students to develop the skills and experiences that graduate employers seek.

Interdisciplinary, Education for Sustainable Development, Leadership


University College for Interdisciplinary Learning

The University College for Interdisciplinary Learning presents an opportunity for students at The University of Manchester to broaden their educational horizons. It will offer course units that showcase the breadth and depth of research and knowledge found at the University and encourage students to go beyond the boundaries of their degree programme.

Interdisciplinary, sustainability teaching, Education for Sustainable Development, Education